Heliosa 11 Short Wave Infrared Heater

Heliosa 11 Short Wave Infrared Heater

$450.00 inc GST

Heliosa 11 1500w Short Wave Infrared Outdoor Heater with Amber Light
Product Code: 690061 / 11BMOB; 690068 / 11FMOB


Heliosa 11 is perfect for outdoor niches, balconies, fixed umbrellas, and small residential outdoor areas.

  • Market leading performance –a large heat projection for such a small heater – only 1500W heats up to 10m².
  • Designed for outdoor use – fully weatherproof so can be operated safely in all weathers.
  • Short-wave infrared heater – 92% radiant efficiency means you feel warmth even in windy conditions because heat does not drift away on the breeze.
  • Instant heat – full power within 1 second of switch on means no wasted energy pre-heating.
  • Amber halogen lamp – gives 80% reduction in light output compared to traditional infrared lamps, offering the ambience of an open fire.
  • Long life – InFraCaLoR® halogen lamps have up to 7000 hours of life, meaning low maintenance costs.

The Heliosa 11 is a stylish compact heater which will complement the look and feel of any outdoor area. Its patented parabolic reflector means that its heat output offers a real ‘wow’ factor, while giving its owner the satisfaction of knowing that energy bills are being kept well under control. The Heliosa 11 projects heat to 2.5m distance and 3.5m width when mounted 2.3m above the ground. This is the heater for small balconies and for under umbrellas – in both cases more heat and less number of heaters compared to any other form of heating. It can be mounted on a wall or from the ceiling as well to a Scala stand to allow mobility. The heater casing is in powder-coated aluminium, finished in glossy Carrara White or textured Cast Iron Grey. Heliosa 11 comes with a tilt-and-swivel bracket for wall mounting and a short hook bracket for canopy or umbrella mounting. A long hook mount or an 150mm extension bracket (pn 690401 / 106B or 690402 / 106FM) can be purchased where it is appropriate which will allow mounting from a beam, a ceiling or wall under eaves. The heater comes with a stainless-steel protective grill which is optional but we recommend that it be fitted prior to installation – this is simple to do. Finally, the heater has a 5m lead but no plug so that it can be wired into an electrical circuit. If you wish to have a plug attached prior to shipment, you need to make a note in the ‘Comments’ section at check out – we can do this at no extra cost to you.


Rec. mounting height: 2.0 – 2.3m. 
Rec. mounting angle: 30° up to 45° from horizontal. 
Throw: 2.5m. Can be felt up to 3.5m. 
Spread: 3.5m. 
Distance between appliances: 1.5m – 2.5m. 
Enclosure: Aluminium casting, powder coated with aluminium reflector. 
Colour: Carrara white (RAL9016) or Cast Iron grey (RAL7015). 
Electrical supply: 220-240V ac 50/60 Hz single phase. 
Power consumption: 1.5kW. Insulation: Class 1. 
Environmental protection: IPx5 (operates with water spray from any direction). 
Element life: Up to 7000 hours (nominal).
Dimensions: 45.5 x 13 x 9cm (whd). 
Weight: 1.0kg. 
Cable: 5m white or black (depending on heater colour choice) 
Other: Tilt & swivel wall bracket. Short hook bracket. Stainless steel safety grille.


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