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At Infrared Australia we offer energy efficient heating solutions for outdoor areas and ‘impossible to heat’ spaces


We aim to reduce energy intensity, reduce energy bills whilst increasing comfort.


We aim to offer cost effective, long lasting outdoor heating solutions.


Our products are European designed and manufactured to give customers style and usability.

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Our Story

Infrared Australia is a brand of SBH Solutions, a company dedicated to improving the efficiency of energy usage of Australian companies and residential customers.

Infrared Australia has identified that there are huge opportunities to reduce energy usage in outdoor and ‘impossible to heat’ spaces while at the same time improving comfort. This has been ignored in Australia where unflued gas heating is the most prevalent form of large area heating despite its poor heating record at the expense of creating greenhouse gases. Where electric heaters have been used instead, they are often heaters more suited to enclosed spaces because they heat the air (far and medium wave infrared).

Short wave infrared heating is different – it uses a low amount of energy to genuinely heat larger areas compared to other electric and gas heaters which are long wave and medium wave infrared and often need higher energy usage. This is because short wave infrared heating has 92%+ radiant efficiency. There are a lot of ridiculous claims about areas that can be heated by other radiant heaters and when you experience these heaters, particularly in draughty environments, you understand this to be true. At Infrared Australia, we are conservative in what we quote for heating areas based on our own tests because we believe that 3°C is the least you would expect to have an area heated by to give some comfort.

Our heaters, even when our conservative figures are taken into account, still provide comfort to larger areas than most competitors.

Short wave infrared heating is an experiential feel. It really has an instant (within 1 second to full power) ‘wow’ factor that no other heater can match. When you combine the 2200°C of the halogen lamp with a patented polished aluminium parabolic reflector, Infrared Australia heaters cannot be beaten for heating outdoor or ‘impossible to heat’ spaces.

Short wave infrared heaters are affordable to buy as well to run. We recognise that the information we provide is not comprehensive, so should you have a question please email us with your plans or for general advice. You can order online or by contacting us directly.

Experience our heaters in person at the Home Innovations Centre in Melbourne or visit these locations.

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