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Stylish Design, Patented Reflectors and InfraCalor® Heating Elements Make for Unparalleled Efficiency


Infrared Australia’s short-wave infrared heaters are equipped with Star Progetti’s InfraCalor® elements and patented parabolic reflectors for maximum durability and energy efficiency.


  • InfraCalor® elements are designed for maximum durability, offering up to 7,000 hours lifespan, and they are replaceable. In combination with the installation housing design, these elements allow for reliable performance in most weather conditions.
  • Star Progetti’s patented polished parabolic reflectors, crafted from a special aluminium alloy, optimise the refraction of infrared rays. The design enhances heat projection rather than transferring heat into the heater casing, resulting in a more uniform heat pattern. Our heaters deliver larger coverage and a higher heat yield with the same electricity consumption compared to infrared heater competitors, resulting in less heaters being required and guaranteeing significant energy savings.

Save More by Using Heliosa Infrared Heating Solutions

Instant targeted heating capability, energy efficiency, and long-term cost savings make short-wave infrared heating the perfect choice for businesses and individuals seeking sustainable heating solutions for outdoor or otherwise impossible to heat indoor spaces.

1. High intensity heat directly absorbed by objects and people.

Short-wave infrared heaters emit high-intensity heat directly absorbed by objects and people, rather than heating air. This direct heat transfer is more efficient, as it reduces energy loss to the surrounding environment. When combined with efficiently designed and well-made polished parabolic reflectors, the working range of relatively low-powered heaters can be surprisingly large. For example, A 2000W Heliosa 66 short-wave infrared heater can heat up to an area of 20m².

2. Instant warmth and no waste for pre-heating.

Our range of short-wave infrared heaters provides instant targeted warmth, which means they don’t need to be on for extended periods before an area is needed. You feel the heat within 1 second of switch-on.  This leads to substantial energy savings compared to traditional heating methods that require pre-heating.

3. Heat will not drift away on a breeze.

Short-wave infrared heaters are less affected by wind and weather conditions. Traditional heaters that warm the air can lose efficiency in windy conditions as the warm air gets dispersed. Short-wave infrared heaters, on the other hand, maintain their efficiency regardless of outdoor conditions. You may feel some wind chill, but you will also continue to feel the radiant warmth from the heater.

4. Cost saving on your electricity bills.

Short-wave infrared heaters have a radiant efficiency of 92%+. The high efficiency of heat transfer and the reduced need for pre-heating contribute to lower operating costs. Short-wave infrared heaters typically consume less electricity to achieve the same or greater level of comfort compared to conventional medium-wave, long-wave or convection heaters.

5. Low maintenance and long life.

Short-wave infrared heaters generally have fewer moving parts and are less prone to mechanical failure. The heating element is also replaceable.  Maintenance costs compared to gas heating are lower and over a full lifespan this further contributes to overall cost savings.

Choose the Right Heater Placement for Your Outdoor Area

Choosing the right placement for your short-wave infrared outdoor heaters is essential for maximising energy efficiency and coverage.

  • Position heaters at strategic locations where people gather, such as seating areas or dining spaces. Short-wave infrared heaters achieve greater coverage when angled 30° – 45° off a wall, roof or stand, although they can be mounted facing directly down as well.
  • Ensure heaters are mounted at an appropriate height to provide even heat distribution without being too intense.
  • For optimal results, consider the layout of your outdoor space and use multiple heaters to cover larger areas efficiently.

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Heliosa outdoor heaters

Calculating Short-Wave Infrared Heater Running Costs

Calculating the running cost of a heater involves three factors: the heater’s power rating, the cost of electricity, and the duration of use. Here is a general guide to help you calculate a heater’s running cost:

  • Find out the infrared heater’s power rating on the product specification: the power rating is usually measured in Watts (W) or Kilowatts (kW) and can be found on the heater’s specification label. Hint: Our heater elements are either 1500W (1.5kW) or 2000W (2.0kW).
  • Find the cost unit of electricity from your electricity company: check your electricity bill to find the cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh). This is the amount your electricity provider charges for one unit of electricity per hour.
  • Estimate Usage Time: Calculate the total hours the heater will be in use. This can be daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on your needs.


How to calculate the infrared heating running cost: Multiply the heater’s power rating (kW) by the cost of electricity per kWh and then by the number of hours used per day.

Example: For a 2kW Heliosa 66 short-wave infrared heater used for 5 hours a day at a rate of $ 0.35 per kWh (based on $0.35 per kWh on average in Australia).

  • Daily Cost= 2 kW×5 hours × $0.35/kWh =$3.50
  • Seasonal Cost = 2 kW×5 hours × $0.35/kWh x 90 days = $315

Not sure which heater you need, or how many?

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