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Restaurants & Cafés

Providing customers with a cosy and inviting alfresco dining or drinking experience has become increasingly vital to the success of any restaurant.

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Elevate your outdoor dining areas with Heliosa Outdoor Heaters

Heliosa Short wave Infrared Heaters excel at providing efficient and effective heating for outdoor areas. They directly warm people and objects, ensuring rapid warmth without wasting energy on heating the surrounding air.

Additionally, they are waterproof and designed with patented parabolic reflectors, providing instant comfort in most weather conditions and offering wider coverage – up to 20 m² when only using one 2000W Heliosa infrared heater.

Whether you have a small outdoor dining space or a large area, Heliosa Shortwave Infrared Heaters can be tailored to meet any restaurant’s specific heating requirements.

great effective heaters

Instant heat

great effective heaters


great effective heaters

European premium quality

great effective heaters

Easy-to-use, Low maintenance

Featured Short-wave Infrared Heaters

  • Heliosa 11 short wave infrared heater

    Heliosa 11 Short Wave Infrared Heater

    $450.00 inc GST
    View Product
  • Heliosa 66 short wave infrared heater

    Heliosa 66 Short Wave Infrared Heater

    $695.00 inc GST
    View Product
  • Heliosa 44 short wave infrared heater

    Heliosa 44 Short Wave Infrared Heater

    $575.00 inc GST
    View Product
  • Heliosa 66 Black Glass Short Wave Infrared Heater

    $895.00 inc GST
    View Product
  • Helios seaside infrared heaters

    Helios Seaside Short wave Infrared Heater

    $895.00 inc GST
    View Product
  • Heliosa Wide Angle Infrared Heater

    Introductory Offer 

    Heliosa Wide Angle Short Wave Infrared Heater

    Original price was: $895.00.Current price is: $795.00. inc GST
    View Product

Not sure which heater you need, or how many?

No worries! Take advantage of our layout design service or email [email protected] now, our team will help you to find the best solution. 

Check Out More About Our Space Heater Applications

Heliosa outdoor heater for Royal Hotal Moonta in South Australia

Hotels, Restaurants & Cafés

Heat up your outdoor venue properly to maximise profits – Heliosa short-wave infrared heaters gives the greatest coverage for the lowest electricity use of any heater on the market.
A Heliosa outdoor heater, radiating warmth on a patio (1)

Stylish Homes

Extend your outdoor entertaining all year round – our heaters are European-designed and manufactured to deliver instant comfort and usability to every stylish home.

'Impossible to heat' Spaces

Reduce energy intensity, reduce energy bills whilst increasing comfort in large areas such as warehouses, school halls, workshops etc, Short-wave infrared does not waste energy heating air so you only heat the area you want to heat.

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