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Create instant workstation comfort with localised short-wave infrared heating solutions!

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As the world urgently seeks to reduce its carbon footprint, the concept of LOCALISED HEATING is gaining momentum. Traditional methods of space heating rely on warmed air circulating within a space to raise overall temperature to a satisfactory level. Due to the fact that “hot air rises” as it is less dense than cooler air, the best place to keep warm is more often than not in a roof space! That is why heating air directly is so inefficient in a large open area or outdoors.


What is localised heating? 

While “infrared technology” is offered as the solution to this problem, in reality, SHORT-WAVE INFRARED provides the most effective option. Short-wave infrared heating is 92% radiant efficient and is targeted heating. This is the technology which is used for the concept of Localised Heating. It will instantly form a ‘comfortable heat zone’, resilient to disruptions caused by air currents or open doors, making it an ideal solution to replace gas fired blowers or other electric elements This innovative approach effectively addresses the issue of heat loss and wasted energy, ensuring consistent warmth in designated areas and cutting energy bills and company carbon emissions.

how do infrared space heaters work (1)

Infrared Australia’s Helios short-wave infrared space heaters are helping to transform Australia’s heating approach for open industrial environments. Localised infrared heating allows you to target specific areas such as a workstation without the need to heat the entire factory, warehouse or workshop. Air only becomes heated by re-radiation off surfaces such as people and work benches.


Conventional space heating system vs short-wave infrared heating

Compared to short-wave infrared heating solutions, conventional air heating systems have several limitations, including:

  • Wasting energy in preheating work areas to reach the desired temperature.
  • High energy consumption due to the need for continuous heating of workspaces.
  • Significant ongoing maintenance expenses associated with conventional heating systems.
  • A considerable environmental impact, particularly due to carbon emissions and energy consumption.


By comparison, short-wave localised heating offers:

  • Instant heating of workstation – warmth within 1 second of switch on means no wasted energy.
  • Only heat the specific areas requiring heat – everywhere else remains at ambient.
  • Air heated only by re-radiation off surfaces.
  • Can be placed on timers or proximity sensors to further reduce energy usage.


Why choose Helios Short-wave infrared heating? 

Infrared Australia’s Helios short-wave heaters are a superior infrared heating solution to your localised heating needs.

great effective heaters

Greater Effective Heating

Star Progetti’s patented parabolic reflectors means that Helios heaters extract and spread the heat generated by each 2000W lamp to maximum effect.  This is why a single heater can achieve up to 20㎡ coverage which is an industry leading capability.


cost savings infrared heaters


The Helios infrared heaters offers significant energy savings, reducing bills by over 60% as compared to use of conventional air heating.

eco friendly


Short-wave infrared heating efficiently targets objects and people rather than heating the air, resulting in energy savings. Additionally, it has much lower emissions compared to gas heating, and potentially zero emissions if partially or wholly powered by a renewable on-site solar panel electricity source.



Short-wave infrared is naturally absorbed by the human body, similar to the sun’s rays, providing a fresher and more comfortable type of heat.

largest infrared heaters range

Largest Product Range

Infrared  Australia has the widest range of short wave infrared heaters to meet your varied industrial needs.  This includes heaters of different intensity, heaters with glass covers to cater for extremely dusty or corrosive areas, and heaters that can be used in hazardous zones.

low maintenance

Low Maintenance

The Helios short-wave infrared heating system can last up to 7,000 hours  (or up to 5,000 hours when behind glass). Lamps can be changed over by qualified tradespeople.  making Helios a smart long-term investment.

Explore other short-wave infrared heating applications

Heliosa outdoor heater for Royal Hotal Moonta in South Australia

Hotels, Restaurants & Cafés

Heat up your outdoor venue properly to maximise profits – Heliosa short-wave infrared gives the greatest coverage for the lowest electricity use of any heater on the market.

Heliosa outdoor heater for Royal Hotal Moonta in South Australia

Stylish Homes

Extend your outdoor entertaining all year round – our heaters are European-designed and manufactured to deliver instant comfort and usability to every stylish home.

'Impossible to heat' Spaces

Reduce energy intensity, reduce energy bills whilst increasing comfort in large areas such as warehouses, school halls, workshops etc, Short-wave infrared does not waste energy heating air so you only heat the area you want to heat.

Not sure which heater you need, or how many?

No worries! Take advantage of our layout design service or email [email protected] now, our team will help you to find the best solution. 

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