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We answer frequently asked questions about our Heliosa shortwave infrared heaters and infrared heating in general.

About Infrared

Are infrared waves safe?

Infrared waves are safe and natural. Unlike ionising and harmful radiation like X-rays or high-energy ultraviolet waves, infrared waves are non-ionizing and safe. The sun emits infrared waves that warm up the Earth and life on it. In fact, humans also radiate heat in the form of infrared waves, which a thermal scanner can pick up.

What type of infrared is the most effective for outdoor use?

Short-wave infrared heaters are the best option for outdoor use, boasting a remarkable 92% radiant energy efficiency. What sets them apart is the instant warmth felt on switching on. This is achieved thanks to the halogen emitter which functions at a very high temperature. Short wave infrared feels like the sun – it is a focused heating approach that ensures that you and your outdoor space receive the warmth you need without unnecessary energy wastage. 

    Do infrared heaters work outside?

    Infrared heaters work effectively outside. They emit radiant heat that directly warms people and objects, making them suitable for outdoor use. However, the type of infrared heater makes a huge difference.  Infrared heaters that are predominantly longwave will struggle the colder or breezier the space is. To try to combat this you might need to install more heaters than necessary if using a different more intense infrared heater. 

    What is the difference between Infrared, Radiant and Convention heaters?

    The terms “infrared” and “radiant” are describing the same type of heater. As opposed to a “convection” heater which heats air to warm a space, radiant heaters warm objects.  The degree to which they are effective at doing this depends upon the dominant wavelength being used.

    Is there a difference between shortwave heaters and TV “Instant heaters”?

    Yes, a short-wave infrared heater is a REAL “instant heater” – full power within 1 second of switch on. Carbon element heaters coiled in a quartz tube are ‘medium wave’ infrared heaters, like gas heaters are only 60% radiant efficient.  Like gas heaters, which are also medium wave heaters, they provide a good level of warmth to a smaller area than a similar wattage short wave infrared heater.  However, they are impacted by airflow, as is a gas heater and cannot project the heat as far. making them less ideal for open outdoor spaces.

    About Heliosa Infrared Heaters

    How do Short-Wave Infrared Heaters work?

    Heliosa short-wave infrared heaters work by generating intense bursts of radiant heat in the form of short-wave infrared radiation. The heater uses the patented parabolic reflector and InFraCaLoR® halogen lamp that rapidly heats up when electricity is applied to it (within 1 second of switching on). Our heaters emit focused infrared radiation that directly heats objects and people within their range. This rapid and efficient heating process ensures that you feel warmth almost instantly, making them ideal for outdoor and large indoor spaces.

    How effective are Short-wave infrared heaters?

    Multiply the heater’s rated kilowatts by your electricity kilowatt-hour rate (running costs from 46 to 72 cents per hour in most Australian states). While costs are similar to most heaters on the market, consider radiant efficiency for optimal results. Short-wave infrared heaters, boasting 92% radiant efficiency, deliver more heat per kilowatt-hour. This efficiency is crucial for outdoor spaces, making them a more effective and economical choice.

    How many heaters do I need?

    A: The ideal number depends on factors like your outdoor space size, desired temperature, and heater coverage.Calculate wattage based on space and insulation, with one Heliosa 66 heater covering up to 20m². For personalised solutions optimising efficiency, contact our team for outdoor heating layout design service.

    How long does it take to heat a space after installing a Heliosa Infrared Heater?

    You typically do not need to pre-heat your space after installing a Heliosa infrared heater. These heaters emit radiant heat that warms objects and people directly, without the need to warm the surrounding air first. This means you can enjoy immediate warmth as soon as you turn on the heater. It’s a quick and efficient heating solution, making it unnecessary to wait for the entire space to reach a certain temperature before feeling comfortable.

    How often do I replace the bulbs?

    The InFraCaLoR® halogen lamps used in Heliosa heaters can be replaced, and we hold stocks for replacement. However, the manufacturer suggests a life of up to 7000 hours, depending on usage patterns. This effectively means that within a residential environment, they last many years.

    How do I control the heaters?

    Most outdoor applications do not require a controller when using Heliosa short-wave infrared heaters because of the instant heat. Heliosa can be installed with controllers or timers, offering greater flexibility and efficiency in usage – adjusting the heat output, or setting a timer to switch off the heater automatically.

    Are there any Heliosa heaters with no light emission or ‘glow’?

    Heliosa heaters use short-wave infrared waves to warm up surroundings. Short-wave infrared waves are closer to the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore, while operating, some energy is used to emit light and the rest to provide instant, powerful heat.  This visible light is actually less than 6% of the total output.

    Purchase & Shipping

    Where can I buy Heliosa heaters?

    You can place an order for Heliosa heaters online directly or call us on (08) 7122 1114. You can also send enquiries to [email protected].

    When can I expect delivery?

    Orders are shipped out on the same day of placing the order (cut off being 2.30 pm CST). Your order should reach you within 1 – 3 working days depending on where in Australia you live.

    Do the heaters come with a warranty?

    While we believe our heaters are robust and powerful enough to last a long time, all our heaters come with a 2-year warranty manufacturer’s warranty.

    Where can I see Heliosa heaters on display?

    There are a growing number of retailers and displays around Australia. Alternatively, we may have clients like restaurants, hotels and cafes in many locations across Australia who have installed our heaters. Check out our Locations page and find a Heliosa heater near you.

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