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Customise Your Energy-Saving Control Solutions

Optimise your short-wave infrared heaters with Infrared Australia’s energy-saving control solutions.

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As we collectively aim for a sustainable future, a growing number of businesses and individuals are making the switch from traditional gas heaters to infrared technology. This shift has driven a higher demand for energy-saving control solutions for managing multiple infrared space heaters.

We offer a diverse selection of user-friendly remotes, timers and controllers designed to meet varied heating demands. We’ll also customise the control solutions to fit some unique space requirements, such as churches, depots and warehouses.


  • With our heating control, you can tailor your heating requirements to match your schedule and needs, avoiding wasteful energy usage.
  • Design your energy-saving control alongside your heater, you can enjoy the flexibility of heating specific zones independently. This targeted approach ensures energy is used only where and when it’s needed, optimising cost efficiency and reducing wastage.
  • This heating control solution allows for adjustable heat output, giving you the control to adjust the heat intensity and prevent the heaters from operating at full power unnecessarily.
  • By optimising your heating with our timers and controllers, you contribute significantly to the reduction of carbon emissions, moving closer to a sustainable future.
  • Not only do our solutions promote energy conservation, but they also enhance the longevity of your heating equipment, ensuring a sustainable return on your investment.

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Our range of Remotes & Controllers

  • Infresco 3kW manual controller

    $225.00 inc GST
    View Product
  • Infresco-4kW-Controller

    Infresco 4kW Controller

    $750.00 inc GST
    View Product
  • Infresco-6kW-Controller

    Infresco 6kW Controller

    $950.00 inc GST
    View Product
  • Infresco 1.5kW controller

    Infresco Power Controller 1.5 kW for Heliosa 11

    $295.00 inc GST
    View Product
  • Infresco-remote-control

    Infresco remote for 4kW controller (Need to order with a controller)

    $95.00 inc GST
    View Product
  • Infresco-T 4KW controller

    Infresco T timer Controller – 4kW

    $325.00 inc GST
    View Product
  • Star_Progetti_6_Regulator_Infrared_Australia (1)

    Star 6 Power Regulator up to 6kW with remote

    $750.00 inc GST
    View Product
  • Star Progetti Star7 heater controller

    Star 7 4kW Bluetooth Heater Controller with remote

    $595.00 inc GST
    View Product

Explore other short-wave infrared heating applications

Heliosa outdoor heater for Royal Hotal Moonta in South Australia

Hotels, Restaurants & Cafés

Heat up your outdoor venue properly to maximise profits – Heliosa short-wave infrared gives the greatest coverage for the lowest electricity use of any heater on the market.

Heliosa outdoor heater for Royal Hotal Moonta in South Australia

Stylish Homes

Extend your outdoor entertaining all year round – our heaters are European-designed and manufactured to deliver instant comfort and usability to every stylish home.

'Impossible to heat' Spaces

Reduce energy intensity, reduce energy bills whilst increasing comfort in large areas such as warehouses, school halls, workshops etc, Short-wave infrared does not waste energy heating air so you only heat the area you want to heat.

Not sure which heater you need, or how many?

No worries! Take advantage of our layout design service or email [email protected] now, our team will help you to find the best solution. 

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