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Helios Titan 4kW Infrared Space Heater

Helios Titan 4kW Infrared Space Heater

The Helios Titan SP range of short-wave infrared heaters is suitable for otherwise ‘impossible to heat’ open spaces, such as warehouses, workstations, school halls, churches, livestock stables etc,.

A combination of InFraCaLoR® halogen lamps and patented parabolic reflectors, along with two configurations, offers heat coverage of up to 35㎡.

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The Helios Titan SP Short-wave Infrared Heater range is specifically designed for localised heating otherwise ‘impossible to heat’ commercial areas. Unlike conventional gas heaters, the Titan SP range can be run on a zero-carbon basis if it is combined with any renewable energy power source. This is a sustainable heating solution that provides efficiently targeted warmth only where it is needed.

The Helios Titan SP Infrared Heater range is available in three different sizes: 2kW single infrared heater, 4kW double infrared heater (which can be configured either horizontally or vertically), and 6kW triple vertical infrared heater.

Suitable for installation on walls, suspended from ceilings using chains, or mounted on stands, it provides flexible heating solutions to meet a variety of unique commercial building requirements.


  • The most efficient Infrared – Short-wave infrared – provides high-intensity radiant heat, meaning it does not drift away on the air and allows for effective localised warming.
  • Patented parabolic reflector maximises heated area – heat coverage from 30m² to 45m².
  • Replaceable InFraCaLoR® halogen lamps have up to 7000 hours of life, meaning low maintenance costs.
  • Instant heat – full power within 1 second of switching on means no wasted energy pre-heating.
  • Water-resistant IP25 allows for indoor or outdoor exposed installation.
  • Can be controlled by an individual switch, proximity sensor, or button timer, and can be zoned with a controller.
  • 2 Year Product Warranty.

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*Please note that this figure based on closed open area. For exposed areas there will be reduced coverage, so heater must be installed lower or closer together.

Model EHT2-40 EHTV2-40
Wall mount specifications (45° mount)
Rec.mounting height 4.0-5.0m 4.0-5.0m
Throw 4.5m 5.0m
Spread 10.0m 6.0m
Coverage Up to 35m² Up to 30m²
Horizontal mount specifications
Rec.mounting height 4.0-5.0m 4.0-5.0m
Throw 8m 7m
Spread 4m 5m
Coverage Up to 30m² Up to 35m²
Distance between appliances 4.0m 2.0m
Colour  Carrara White
Electrical supply 220-240v
Power consumption 4.0kW per hour when on 4.0kW per hour when on
Environmental protection IP25 Water resistant
Element life Up to 7000 hours
Dimensions 104mm x 230mm x 130mm 470mm x 470mm x 130mm
Weight 6.9kg 5.7kg
Cable 2*1.5m 3-core lead 2*1.5m 3-core lead
Other Can be regulated with a Star Progetti or Infresco controller


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