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Helios ATEX infrared heater

Helios ATEX infrared heater

Helios EHSafe Industry short-wave infrared heater is designed for heating people and processes in hazardous areas.

  • Heated area about 10 m².
  • IP66 ingress protection rating.
  • This infrared heater is completely sealed from the outside and rated for use in ATEX Zone 2 and Zone 22.
  • Optically designed parabolic reflector for maximum heat output.
  • Download the ATEX infrared heater brochure for more information.


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The ATEX EHSafe industry short-wave infrared heater provides a unique and efficient solution for heating in hazardous areas. With Helios infrared heaters, it is possible to heat only the work area and only for the necessary amount of time, allowing for significant savings on energy bills while maintaining comfortable workspaces. This infrared heater is also used for some process heating such as in paint shops and to cure products on running on conveyors.


  • The most efficient Infrared – The Helios EH Safe ATEX heater applies short-wave infrared technology to provide high-intensity radiant heat, reducing energy costs while providing consistent and effective warming.
  • Patented parabolic reflector maximises heated coverage – A single heater warms up to 10m².
  • Replaceable InFraCaLoR® halogen lamps have up to 5000 hours of life (when sealed behind safety glass), meaning low maintenance costs.
  • Instant heat – full power within 1 second of switch on means no wasted energy pre-heating.
  • Customisable Heating Zones – Achieve optimal comfort by customising the heating zones according to the project’s specific needs. The Helios Safe Industry short-wave infrared heater can be managed by an individual switch, proximity sensor, or button timer, and can be zoned with a controller.
  • 2 Year Product Warranty.

Contact us today or call 08 7122 1114 to discuss your project or specific requirements. Our expert team can customise a layout plan to fit your project/space.


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Product Specifications 

  • Rec. mounting height: 2.0-2.5m.
  • Rec. mounting angle: 30° – 45° from horizontal.
  • Throw: 3.0m.
  • Spread: 4.0m.
  • Coverage: Approximately 10m².
  • Distance between appliances: 2.0m.
  • Enclosure: Cast aluminium chassis, powder coated. 
  • Colour: Cast Iron Grey
  • Electrical supply: Single-phase 240 volt maximum 50/60Hz A.C..
  • Power consumption: 2.0kW.
  • Insulation: Class 1.
  • Ingress protection: IP66.
  • Element life: Up to 5000 hours (nominal when behind safety glass).
  • Dimensions: 53.5 x 27 x 20cm (whd).
  • Weight: 9.2kg.
  • Cable: 1.5m flexible cable supplied without a plug.
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