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In the realm of warehouse heating, considerations stretch far beyond basic functionality (keep your employee warm in winter). Energy consumption and efficiency are of paramount importance. Warehouses often feature high ceilings, and due to the natural tendency of heat to rise, it can be challenging to maintain a comfortable working environment at ground level. To address this issue, targeted short-wave infrared heating can be employed to ensure that workstations receive adequate warmth.

Helios Warehouse Short-wave Infrared Heating Solution

Our premium range of shortwave infrared heaters is the ideal solution for heating people who work in the warehouse, and it’s the perfect alternative for gas heaters and industrial fan heater systems. They are designed and manufactured in Italy to conform to International and Australian Standards (CE Mark and AS/NZ RCM).

Helios Shortwave Infrared Heaters excel at providing efficient and effective heat for the spot where it’s needed, boasting a remarkable efficiency rating, converting up to 92% of energy into comforting warmth. We also offer different sizes and models of infrared heaters for different warehouse areas, from loading areas, packaging areas and workstations to the entire warehouses.

Featured Heaters

  • Single Helios SP infrared heater

    Helios Titan 2kW Infrared Space Heater

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  • Titan SP infrared outdoor heater-horizontal double

    Helios Titan 4kW Infrared Space Heater

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  • Helios Titan V3 Radiant infrared Heater

    Helios Titan 6kW Infrared Space Heater

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  • Helios Titan Safety Glass infrared space heater from Infrared Australia

    Helios Titan Safety Glass Space Heater

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  • Helios ATEX infrared heater

    Helios ATEX infrared heater

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Our Heliosa outdoor heaters are found in stylish homes, restaurants, cafes and hotels across Australia.


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Our Heliosa infrared outdoor heaters are installed in Australia’s major cities. Check out our heaters at a business near you and experience instant, sun-like warmth.

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