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Case study: Maximize rooftop bar dining experience with Heliosa Infrared Heaters

Case study: Maximize rooftop bar dining experience with Heliosa Infrared Heaters

Shelbourne hotel’s rooftop bar is one of the best spots for gathering with friends and hosting corporate parties in Sydney. This Hamptons-inspired rooftop bar has many stunning seats and provides an airy open space that allows light in so that their guests can enjoy Darling harbour views. However, the downside of the rooftop bar is that it can be a cold space for much of the year. Shelbourne hotel’s management consulted with Infrared Australia about how best to maintain the open aspect of the roof garden without having to enclose it to keep it warm.


(Source: Shelbourne Hotel Website).


Solutions – Heliosa Infrared Heating


As an expert in alfresco heating solutions, we recommended six stylish Heliosa 66 short-wave infrared heaters to deliver instant targeted heat in this semi-open space. As the largest coverage and efficient infrared heater on the market, Heliosa heaters can provide full heat in just a second, and there is no need to pre-heat a few hours ahead to warm the whole area. The 92% of radiant efficiency means customers are always comfortable, even if there is a breeze or in cold weather. As almost all the warmth from the heaters is radiating off people and surfaces rather than heating air.


The Heliosa range of infrared heaters is commercial quality and easy to install on walls, ceilings, or a stand. As Shelbourne Hotel management has found out, this patio heater has an instant ‘wow’ factor that no other heater can match and their guests always enjoy their dining with comfy seats.


At Infrared Australia, we offer energy-efficient and cost-saving infrared heaters for outdoor areas and ‘impossible to heat’ spaces.


Want to customize a heating layout plan for your space?

Get in touch with us via email at [email protected] or call (08) 7122 1114, and our team will help you to find out the best solutions.


Want to know more about our infrared heater via practical applications?

Please access our case studies to learn more about Heliosa infrared heater use in stylish homes & hospitality. You can also experience our heater in one of the available locations near you or at the Melbourne Home Innovation Centre.


Extend Outdoor Season Year-Round for All Guests at the Union Hotel!

Extend Outdoor Season Year-Round for All Guests at the Union Hotel!

When the days get gloomy and cold in South Australia, making the open area warm and cosy is a top priority for the Union Hotel. That’s why 3 Heliosa 66 infrared heaters were chosen as the ideal product by the Hotel team to replace old style radiant heaters and ensure that their guests sitting outdoors are always comfortable. The energy-efficient and instant heat features are perfect for al fresco dining area heating applications.


When the days get gloomy and cold in South Australia, making the open area warm and cosy is a top priority for the Union Hotel.

Cr: Union Hotel Facebook


At the iconic Adelaide CBD’s Union Hotel, the existing old-style electric radiant heaters didn’t distribute heat well. Since it was hard to project heat at a distance, customers were less inclined to use the outdoor area during the colder months or during cooler summer evenings. These old-style heaters needed to be left on to try to maintain comfortable temperatures resulting in wasted energy heating empty space.


Before I Old style radiant heaters


Having already used short-wave infrared at their suburban Leicester Arms and Sussex Arms Hotels, Management had no hesitation in replacing their tired medium-wave infrared radiant heaters with Heliosa 66 from us. The major advantages of instant heat and energy-efficient heat projection meant immediate saving in electricity costs at the same time as an overwhelmingly better customer experience and area utilization.


infrared heaters at union hotel, Adelaide CBD


As an expert in Short-wave Infrared Heating, Infrared Australia can design you a powerful restaurant heating solution with wide coverage and energy efficiency as we did for the Union Hotel team. Heliosa short-wave heaters are commercial quality heaters easily installed on walls, from ceilings or on stands. Nigel Smalls, Managing Director of Infrared Australia comments: “Unlike older style medium-wave infrared heaters which can only put out heat in front of a relatively narrow reflector, Heliosa short-wave heaters throw heat further away and importantly to the side. You do not need to place these heaters side-by-side to get a much-improved result.


To find out more information, please contact us or e-mail [email protected].


Keeping Guests Warm and Happy at the Ramada Resort

Keeping Guests Warm and Happy at the Ramada Resort

It can get cold in picturesque Phillip Island in Victoria and open fire heaters and panel heaters simply do not provide enough heat when the temperature drops, and cold winds blow in from Bass Strait. 

SBH Solutions are experts in Short Wave Infrared Heating and were approached by The Ramada Resort for assistance in providing effective warmth and comfort for their guests to enjoy their outside entertaining areas. 

Star Progetti’s range of Heliosa short wave infrared heaters provide instant warmth and coverage to become one of the world’s most efficient and effective heaters on the market.

Each area had a separate heating requirement and by utilising the Heliosa range, SBH Solutions were able to tailor a solution for each specific area. 

The Heliosa 66 with its larger heating area capacity was utilised for the restaurant dining area providing efficient heat and coverage over the larger area. The Heliosa 44 was utilised for the more intimate lounge area providing warmth and heat for guests directly below the heaters. The Heliosa 11 were utilised with controllers for the smaller bar table area so patrons seated on high stools can be warmed more effectively. 

“We are very pleased with the effectiveness and instant warmth the new heaters provide.

Our guests have praised the level of warmth and comfort in each area.

The quality of the heaters has been impressive, and we thank you for your exemplary service.

We look forward to installing your heaters in the outdoor areas as well.”

Tony Leliott – Manager – The Ramada Resort Phillip Island VIC

As seen in the Ramada resort case, Heliosa heaters can be used in several situations and applications. Get in touch with SBH Solutions at [email protected], and our team will be more than happy to help you with your heating issues.

Heliosa heaters improve comfort at the St. Joseph’s parish

Heliosa heaters improve comfort at the St. Joseph’s parish

The request was simple:

“I am the Parish Priest of a very cold town, Stanthorpe in Southern Queensland, the coldest place in winter – the Granite Belt.

Our large, high ceiling Catholic Parish Church is impossible to heat. Could your infrared heaters help – heating wise and less expensive than radiant heaters?  I read online good reports from the U.K. on this.

The Church will be one hundred years old in February 2023, and if I can successfully heat it for complaining parishioners, they might remember me for the next one hundred years.”


Fr Brian Connolly

Though the existing infrared panel heaters looked aesthetically pleasing, they were only long-wave infrared panel heaters and lacked the range and intensity of short-wave infrared heaters.

Before: St. Josephs parish with long-wave IR panel heaters.

SBH Solutions provided a ‘heat map’ of the church area utilizing our Helios “Titan EHT2-40”, 2 x 2000W Short-wave Infrared Heaters which provide a greater range and standard of warmth.

Simply using the same number of heaters provided the warmth and reach the church required. Heating the parishioners and not the empty ceiling spaces whilst saving money and energy. A bonus is that there is no need to pre-heat the church before service because of the INSTANT warmth from short wave infrared.

Each unit comprising of 2 x 2000W of Short-Wave Infrared heating installed at a height of 3.5 metres provide a heat range of up to 32M².

It has been long understood in Europe that the most effective and cheapest way to heat the large open spaces in a Church is by using the projection of short-wave infrared. If you have a need to create comfort in your church space, we are only too happy to assist you.

After: St. Josephs parish fitted with Heliosa Titan EHT2-40 short-wave infrared heaters

“SBH Solutions’ customer service is refreshing as the consultation was professional and helpful. We were able to trial a unit, promptly delivered, to make sure it was suitable for our needs.”

Interested and require more information? Please contact your local representative or email us at [email protected]

Warming tortoises during winter in Australia

Warming tortoises during winter in Australia

Heliosa heaters are not just great for humans but for animals too! Perth Zoo was on the search for heaters for their Radiated and Galapagos tortoise enclosures. These reptiles come from tropical regions of Africa and South America. In summer they can bask to warm up in the outside of their enclosure, but in winter this basking has to take place indoors. The Zoo was using a heating system of heat lamps and long-wave ceramic heaters in their enclosures. This combination provided essential ultraviolet light (UV-B) but did not provide the skin penetrating warmth of the sun.  Paignton Zoo in the UK recommended short wave infrared heaters to replace the old heaters – short wave (IR-A) is the part of the infrared spectrum closest to light and does not heat air.  They had found that creating a “basking zone” which combined ultraviolet lamps and short-wave infrared heaters improved the wellbeing of their tortoises immensely.

Perth Zoo got in touch with SBH Solutions, experts in the use of short-wave infrared heating.  We were more than happy to help warm the tortoises from our wide range of Star Progetti heaters. A Heliosa 44 was installed in the enclosure for the smaller Radiated Tortoises. The larger Galapagos tortoises’ hut required a ceiling mounted heater, so a Heliosa Titan was installed using chains. Since the 2000W heaters can easily project heat at a distance, they could be mounted away from the tortoises to avoid any harm. Perth Zoo also installed controllers for the heaters to regulate temperatures to comfortable levels dependent upon outside ambient.

Star Progetti short-wave infrared heaters are powerful and robust enough to be used in a wide range of applications, from industrial to residential. Contact SBH Solutions and learn more about how our heaters can be used for your application.

Radiated tortoise enclosure with Heliosa 44 at Perth Zoo
Galapagos tortoise enclosure with Heliosa Titan at Perth Zoo

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