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Keeping guests warm and happy at the Ramada Resort

It can get cold in picturesque Phillip Island in Victoria and open fire heaters and panel heaters simply do not provide enough heat when the temperature drops, and cold winds blow in from Bass Strait. 

SBH Solutions are experts in Short Wave Infrared Heating and were approached by The Ramada Resort for assistance in providing effective warmth and comfort for their guests to enjoy their outside entertaining areas. 

Star Progetti’s range of Heliosa short wave infrared heaters provide instant warmth and coverage to become one of the world’s most efficient and effective heaters on the market.

Each area had a separate heating requirement and by utilising the Heliosa range, SBH Solutions were able to tailor a solution for each specific area. 

The Heliosa 66 with its larger heating area capacity was utilised for the restaurant dining area providing efficient heat and coverage over the larger area. The Heliosa 44 was utilised for the more intimate lounge area providing warmth and heat for guests directly below the heaters. The Heliosa 11 were utilised with controllers for the smaller bar table area so patrons seated on high stools can be warmed more effectively. 

“We are very pleased with the effectiveness and instant warmth the new heaters provide.

Our guests have praised the level of warmth and comfort in each area.

The quality of the heaters has been impressive, and we thank you for your exemplary service.

We look forward to installing your heaters in the outdoor areas as well.”

Tony Leliott – Manager – The Ramada Resort Phillip Island VIC

As seen in the Ramada resort case, Heliosa heaters can be used in several situations and applications. Get in touch with SBH Solutions at [email protected], and our team will be more than happy to help you with your heating issues.

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