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Transforming Dining Experience with Heliosa Infrared Heaters: Botswana Butchery Melbourne Case Study

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Case study, Hospitality

Botswana Butchery, a renowned fine-dining restaurant in Melbourne, has revolutionised its dining experience by installing Heliosa infrared heater solutions. This case study illustrates the transformation of the restaurant’s ambiance and customer comfort, particularly during the colder months and evenings, through the use of these advanced short-wave infrared heaters.

4 Heliosa infrared heaters used in melbourne


Case Background

Located in the heart of Melbourne, Botswana Butchery is celebrated for its exquisite cuisine and ambient terrace. However, winter presents a substantial challenge due to the large glass windows, which allow in plenty of light but leave guests feeling cold. This diminishes the appeal of the front of the house and, as a result, the number of possible covers for a significant part of the year. In seeking a sustainable and energy-efficient infrared heating solution, the management of The Good Group consulted with Infrared Australia and they selected eight Heliosa 66 Black infrared heaters for the balcony and entrance areas to enhance the dining experience.


Why Heliosa 66 Black Short-Wave Infrared Heaters?

  • The large windows that enclose the downstairs semi-outdoor and balcony make these areas hard to heat so short-wave infrared is the only effective heating solution. Short-wave warmth radiates off surfaces so customers feel instantly warm AND the glass radiates heat back into the dining area.
  • Heliosa 66 Black models were chosen to fit in with the sophisticated ambience. These have a wide reflector which pushes the short-wave to each side as well as forward better than any other similar product on the market.  They have a Schott ceramic glass on the front which reduces the light viewed, perfect for evening dining.
  • The efficiency of short-wave infrared means that a very high radiant efficiency is achieved and a better overall heating result is achieved with less power usage and less heaters compared to alternatives.
  • Compared to gas heating there are no toxic emissions or potential health hazards plus the installation costs are significantly lower compared with running gas lines.


The installation involved mounting eight Heliosa 66 heaters on the restaurant’s balcony and entrance, designed for flexible placement on walls, ceilings, or alongside umbrellas and canopies.


The installation of Heliosa heaters has been met with very positive feedback from both the management team and customers alike. The Good Group chose Heliosa heaters for a new Sydney restaurant, recognizing their durability in all weather conditions. This makes them an ideal solution for establishments looking to maximise their outdoor space usage throughout the year.



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