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For hotel owners, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere for guests is a top priority to ensure guest satisfaction. However, choosing a heating solution that provides cost and energy efficiency while maintaining a comfortable environment in various hotel areas can be quite challenging.

Heliosa Short-Wave Infrared Heating Solution for Hotels

Our Heliosa short-wave infrared heating system is the key to ensuring that every guest’s stay is an unforgettable experience. These Heliosa infrared heaters are highly energy efficient. They achieve this by focusing on targeted heating, which minimises heat loss and results in more than a 60% reduction in energy bills. This is particularly advantageous for hotels with expansive, open spaces.

These heaters offer a variety of mounting options, making them versatile for extending the usability of outdoor patios, terraces, or event spaces throughout the year. This not only provides guests with comfort but also ensures a consistent revenue stream for your hotel.

Featured Heaters

  • Heliosa 66 short wave infrared heater

    Heliosa 66 Short Wave Infrared Heater

    $695.00 inc GST
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  • Heliosa 66 Black Glass Short Wave Infrared Heater

    $895.00 inc GST
    View Product
  • Heliosa 44 short wave infrared heater

    Heliosa 44 Short Wave Infrared Heater

    $575.00 inc GST
    View Product
  • Heliosa 11 short wave infrared heater

    Heliosa 11 Short Wave Infrared Heater

    $450.00 inc GST
    View Product
  • Helios seaside infrared heaters

    Helios Seaside Infrared Outdoor Heater

    $895.00 inc GST
    View Product

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Our Heliosa outdoor heaters are found in stylish homes, restaurants, cafes and hotels across Australia.


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Our Heliosa infrared outdoor heaters are installed in Australia’s major cities. Check out our heaters at a business near you and experience instant, sun-like warmth.

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