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Heating animal enclosures, such as kennels, can be quite challenging due to their inadequate insulation and exposure to the elements. Many heating solutions fall short in effectively warming these areas. Infrared Australia provides a diverse selection of energy-efficient infrared heaters designed to suit various applications, including heating animal kennels.

Heliosa Short-wave Infrared Heating Solution for Animal Enclosures

Our Heliosa shortwave infrared heaters are the perfect choice for your animal housing. These heaters emit shortwave radiant heat that directly warms the animals in the kennel and helps dry them more quickly after their shower. This efficient approach keeps your animals cozy while also saving up to 60% on energy costs.

Shortwave infrared heaters are versatile and can be easily wall-mounted or ceiling. This not only saves floor space but also prevents damage by animals and doesn’t interfere with cleaning routines.

Choose the energy-efficient Heliosa shortwave infrared heaters to ensure a comfortable environment for your animals in kennels while also reducing energy costs.

Featured Heaters

  • Single Helios SP infrared heater

    Helios Titan 2kW Infrared Space Heater

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  • Titan SP infrared outdoor heater-horizontal double

    Helios Titan 4kW Infrared Space Heater

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  • Helios Titan V3 Radiant infrared Heater

    Helios Titan 6kW Infrared Space Heater

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  • Helios Titan Safety Glass infrared space heater from Infrared Australia

    Helios Titan Safety Glass Space Heater

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Our Heliosa outdoor heaters are found in stylish homes, restaurants, cafes and hotels across Australia.


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Our Heliosa infrared outdoor heaters are installed in Australia’s major cities. Check out our heaters at a business near you and experience instant, sun-like warmth.

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