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Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Comfort with Heliosa Residential Heating

When it comes to creating a comfortable outdoor area at home, energy efficiency and effective warmth are always top priorities. This article will show how our short-wave infrared heaters can transform a residential backyard into a cosy space with efficiency in mind, allowing you to enjoy outdoor entertaining all year round.


Heliosa 66 infrared heater: An Effective Choice for the Stylish Backyard


Heliosa infrared heaters are designed with innovation and efficiency in mind. They utilise the most efficient type of infrared heating technology, known as short-wave infrared. This is combined with a patented polished parabolic reflector, allowing the heaters to achieve maximum targeted heat. Instead of reflecting heat back into the heater casing itself, the Heliosa 66’s reflector projects a high percentage of its energy into heating people and objects, ensuring comfort whenever it is needed.

Additionally, there is no need to pre-heat your area because short-wave infrared provides instant heat (full power within 1 second of switch on) and so this targeted heating approach minimizes energy wastage, resulting in lower electricity bills compared to conventional outdoor heating methods. When combined with renewable household solar panels, a Heliosa heater can produce zero emissions, making it an eco-friendly heating solution for residential outdoor spaces.


Benefits of Heliosa Outdoor Heating For the Backyard


  • Natural and healthy heat.
  • 92% radiant efficiency, delivering effective and instant warmth to your outdoors.
  • Water resistance for most weather conditions.
  • Long life and low maintenance.
  • Easy to install.
  • Remote control option available to add on.


Space Assessment


This stylish backyard is under the shade with an outdoor BBQ kitchen and dining table set. The homeowners desired an efficient heating solution allowing them to enjoy their outdoor space during colder months to extend outdoor entertaining.


Installation and Placement


Two Heliosa 66 outdoor infrared heaters were hung up on the roof, providing optimal heating coverage for this cosy backyard. The instant heat quickly reached the seating area, ensuring that the entire space received ample warmth. They also added a remote controller to allow them to control the level of warmth of the heaters based on weather conditions and personal preferences. The easy mounting process and the customised design service were also appreciated, as our professionals helped the homeowner find the best installation positions to ensure efficient coverage.


An image show Heliosa infrared heater in a backyard that under the shade




  • Fantastic price, quick delivery, awesome product!! One Heliosa infrared heater under the alfresco, and my place is now the family destination for movie nights and gatherings outdoors all winter long!!  –  Tony, Adelaide SA
  • The Heliosa 66 infrared heaters have been great to keep us warm through the winter months in our pergola. – Kathy, Perth WA




As an efficient heating solution for residential outdoor spaces, our Heliosa 66 can transform your space into a cosy and enjoyable entertaining area during cold days. Whether you’re hosting outdoor gatherings or simply seeking a relaxing retreat in your backyard, the Heliosa 66 is the best option available on the market!


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