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Installing mounting bracket and grill on Heliosa 66

The grill on a Heliosa infrared heater is an essential component as it protects users from accidentally touching the extremely hot bulb inside. Check these video guides on how to install a grill and mounting bracket on a Heliosa 66. Installing grill:   Installing...

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Installing grill and mounting bracket on Heliosa 11

Installing a grill and a mounting bracket on Heliosa 11 can be a bit tricky but these video guides can help you install the parts all by yourself. We have also shown different kinds of mounting brackets that can be used in a variety of situations. Installing mounting...

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Types of infrared used for outdoor heaters

Types of infrared used for outdoor heaters

There is a lot of confusion with the word “infrared” when it comes to outdoor heaters.  Many companies claim to have infrared heaters, but did you know that there are 3 types – long wave (or far infrared), medium wave, and short wave (or near infrared).  All have...

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